Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall is the outer wall of the building, not load-bearing. Togen provides curtain wall materials including terracotta, metal (aluminum), and glass. With different features and functions, they help present the aesthetic value as well as improve the general performance of buildings.

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The structure of the curtain wall

Common glass curtain wall structural forms: hidden frame, semi-hidden frame, exposed frame, point type, all glass, etc.

The structure of the curtain wall

Curtain Wall Exterior Wall Cleaning

(1) Whether it is a low exterior wall, a high-rise wall curtain, or a wall made of glass, aluminum plate, stone plate, hidden frame, open frame, etc., due to the difficulty of cleaning, it is still necessary to find a professional cleaning company Clean up, because if you do it yourself, first, the cleaning is not in place, and second, it is not professional enough, which is very dangerous.

(2) Now there are wall curtain cleaning robots on the market, so you can also choose wall curtain cleaning robots to clean the exterior walls.

Curtain Wall Exterior Wall Cleaning

Curtain wall cleaning

(1) The interior walls of the home are easy to get dirty, so for some relatively small wall marks, such as shoe marks, pencil marks, etc., you can use an eraser to clean them.

(2) If it is stained with colored pens such as paintbrushes, you can use white vinegar to clean it, and then wipe it with a paper towel.

(3) If it is a white wall with colored stains, such as coffee, milk tea, etc., you can dip a towel with bleach and gently wipe the wall.

(4) If the stain is caused by mold, you can consider using alcohol to help clean it. You can use a toothbrush with some alcohol to gently brush it.

(5) If it is a large area of stains, then only repaint the wall.

Curtain wall cleaning

Curtain Wall Features

1. Curtain wall is an independent and complete overall structural system;

2. Curtain walls are usually used on the outside of the main structure, and are generally covered on the surface of the main structure;

3. The curtain wall has a certain micro-movement ability in the plane relative to the main structure.

Curtain Wall Features
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The types of curtain wall are mainly separated glass curtain wall, metal (aluminum plate) curtain wall, marble curtain wall and man-made fiber curtain wall. When choosing which curtain wall to use, it is mainly considered from the aspects of structure, beauty, windproof, rainproof and energy saving.

Building curtain walls can be divided into unit building curtain walls and bulk building curtain walls according to their different installation forms, and unit building curtain walls are further divided into half-unit building curtain walls and small-unit building curtain walls.

The main purpose of a curtain wall system is to protect the interior of a building from external natural phenomena such as sun exposure, temperature changes, earthquakes, rain and wind. This protection can be divided into two broad categories, namely structural safety and internal environmental control.

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