Low-E Glass

Low-E Glass

Off-line Low-E is the best product solution to high energy saving performance facades or windows, because of Low-E coating's capability of spectral selection of desirable wave-length solar energy and heat. Low transmission of invisible infrared of solar energy (with wave-length above 780nm) and desirable visible light transmission to create low shading coefficient while desirable glass color and natural light indoor; Low Emissivity of long wave length far infrared to create low U-Value. Off-line Low-E must be glazed into IGUs.

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1. Energy saving to whole curtain wall system can bring not only the economic effect, but also to be environment friendly. 2. Reduce heat transfer and keep the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer. 3. Sound insulation performance. 4. Customize different reflective color.

1. As the name suggests, double Low-E has 2 layers of silver, in addition, it has 7 layers of metal component. So the over thickness for coating is thicker and performance is much better than glass without Low-E. 2. Visible Light of Transmittance is better than single Low-E, which means with the same shading coefficient double Low-E's VLT is higher than single Low-E and will make indoor light filled. 3. Shading coefficient is better than single Low-E and will make indoors cooler/warmer several times more and be energy saving. 4. Contribute to LEED building application.

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