Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall is the outer wall of the building, not load-bearing. Togen provides curtain wall materials including terracotta, metal (aluminum), and glass. With different features and functions, they help present the aesthetic value as well as improve the general performance of buildings.

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We have contributed to 5000+ overseas projects and served 4000+ international clients, including international top contractors, consultants, architects, and developers. Also, comprehensive services are available in Togen, where clients have access to material supply, design proposal, technical support, structural calculation, quantity survey, perspective view rendering, free sample, quality control, and after-sales service. Besides, we have also received tests and achieved certificates based on ASTM and AS.

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Architectural glass

Togen glass products range from Façade Glass, Window & Door Glass and Special glass, and we can provide full support on cost evaluation and product solutions for your projects. Till now, we have reached our market to Southeast Asia countries, The USA, South Korea and so on.


Terracotta cladding

Togen terracotta cladding is continually evolving from regular red panels and louvers to now versatile and bespoke glazes, shapes, and solutions. Our terracotta products are widely used in curtain wall as cladding, rain screens and decoration fins, suitable for use on a new building, refurbishment, or re-cladding projects. Customized finishes and shapes are also popular for luxury interior feature walls.


Metal Cladding

Togen metal cladding products include aluminum solid panel, honeycomb panel (aluminum, stainless steel, stone, and other materials available for face panel), perforated panel, expanded mesh, stainless steel panel, etc. We provide detailed design, sample matching, installation system proposal, and fabricated products with coating to meet all customer needs. We have rich experience in Southeast Asia and Middle East markets, in which honeycomb panels with a variety of finishes, aluminum thick carved panels/mashrabiya and metal expanded mesh are particularly popular.



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The types of curtain wall are mainly separated glass curtain wall, metal (aluminum plate) curtain wall, marble curtain wall and man-made fiber curtain wall. When choosing which curtain wall to use, it is mainly considered from the aspects of structure, beauty, windproof, rainproof and energy saving.

Building curtain walls can be divided into unit building curtain walls and bulk building curtain walls according to their different installation forms, and unit building curtain walls are further divided into half-unit building curtain walls and small-unit building curtain walls.

The main purpose of a curtain wall system is to protect the interior of a building from external natural phenomena such as sun exposure, temperature changes, earthquakes, rain and wind. This protection can be divided into two broad categories, namely structural safety and internal environmental control.

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Project Review: Scientific Research Innovation Demonstration Center (CADG) | Terracotta Panel Cladding

China Architecture Design & Research Group (CADG) was established in 1952. As the Central Design Company of China, CADG has always been providing professional technological and consultative service that promotes the development of building industry in China, consolidating its role as a leading design enterprise in the industry with its great influence, professional talents, advanced technological ability and high market share.

Terracotta Wall Cladding | Project Review: Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a comprehensive center for exhibition, training, salon, education, and public affairs in Guangzhou, China. It was designed in 2007 by Mr. He Jingtang, a well-known Chinese architect, whose works include the Chinese Pavilion for Expo 2010 held in Shanghai and later reopened as the China Art Museum.

Project Review-Kronos Sathorn Tower

Togen’s stone pattern aluminum roller coating panel was applied in the facade of this project, with four types of panels including flat shape, grooved shape, triangular shape, and checkered shape. Total area around 9000M2. The stone pattern on the surface of the aluminum panel is very realistic, even if you look closely, it is difficult to distinguish. Through Togen's superb processing and production, this building stands out among the surrounding areas, showing a high-level and elegant style.

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