What is a glass railing?

What is a glass railing?

Glass railing is a kind of railing with glass, the glass is tempered glass, and the frame is generally metal railings, such as zinc steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.

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Glass Railing | Laminated glass guardrail

Glass Railing | Wire Guardrail Aluminum Alloy Guardrail

Steel Wire Fence

In the middle column, the interval clips are less than 12CM of steel wire. For the sake of safety, the balcony railings are mostly made of steel railings, which are easy for children to climb, and the safety is not high. The steel wire guardrails are mostly used in public places such as stairs and overpasses.

Aluminum Alloy Guardrail

Some modern buildings use aluminum alloy columns and handrails. In recent years, aluminum alloy railings have been widely used, and aluminum alloy railings have become a trend.


Glass Railing | Lron Railing Zinc Steel Railing

Glass Railing | Wrought Iron Railing
Iron railings feel more classical, with great changes, more patterns, and old-fashioned styles. With the promotion of modern architecture, the use of iron railings is temporarily less, which is a trend in society.

Glass Railing | Zinc Steel Railing
Zinc steel railing is a kind of hot-dip galvanized railing with anti-corrosion technology on steel surface, which can play a role of chemical protection and has unique cutting edge corrosion resistance. For example, how to construct frameless sliding windows on zinc steel balcony railings, etc.

Balcony glass railing performance

The glass used for balcony glass railings is not ordinary glass, but tempered glass. This is a glass with compressive stress on the surface, which belongs to safety glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the compressive stress formed on the surface of the glass can offset the surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the glass and enhancing the wind resistance of the glass itself. , heat and cold, shock, etc. Even if the glass on the glass balcony guardrail is seriously damaged by external force, the glass debris will form small broken particles with obtuse angles similar to honeycomb, which is not easy to cause serious damage to the glass. human body. Therefore, the safety of glass balcony guardrails is worthy of recognition.

Balcony glass railing performance

Introduction of Frameless Glass Railing

This is the future of glass railings. Frameless glass railings are designed to preserve as much of the view as possible and are in high demand. With minimal hardware and no columns, these self-contained systems offer the clearest view imaginable.

But don't think that you give up strength for beauty. Each system is carefully designed to withstand enormous weights and is thoroughly tested. Although the panels can be heavy, the actual installation is a breeze.

Introduction of Frameless Glass Railing
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Price depends on the type of glazing system you choose. Although glass railings can be expensive, in the long run it can often be cheaper than other types of railings.

Laminated glass is best prescribed if you prefer glass panels that are frameless.

Tempered glass, or toughened as it is typically called, tends to be the most popular choices for balcony balustrades whether framed or frameless. 

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