What is a glass railing?

What is a glass railing?

Glass railing is a kind of railing with glass, the glass is tempered glass, and the frame is generally metal railings, such as zinc steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.

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Advantages of Glass Railings

Clear Views: Clear glass railings provide a clear view of the surroundings, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors.

Unlimited sense of space: The railings made of glass give more sense of space and freshness.

Weather Resistance: Glass acts as a barrier against wind, rain, and cold, allowing glass-enclosed spaces to enjoy the outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

Safety: Using glass as a railing is a safe installation because if the glass is broken and then becomes a shard of tempered glass, no one will be hurt.

Customization: You can customize glass colors such as brown, gray, red, black, bronze, etc. to give a sense of space and openness, but still guarantee your privacy.

Creative Design: The glass railing is also convenient for users to customize its design and shape at a reasonable cost, and people can freely choose clear glass or frosted glass railings according to his understanding of beauty.

Low maintenance cost: The maintenance process of tempered glass is simple and cheap. In addition to the daily cleaning of glass, dirt and stains can be easily removed with just soapy water.

Child Safety: Wooden railings and iron railings will have some sharp corners that may injure children. But in glass balustrades, the glass is installed as a continuous sheet, preventing children from getting stuck in stairs and handrails.

Durability: With tempered glass you can achieve a super durable railing that is resistant to corrosion, shattering and cracking. It's a perfect option for families with kids and pets.

Privacy: For more privacy, one can utilize opaque glass such as sandblasted and frosted glass, which can also work well for home improvement upgrades.

Verdict: Glass railings are the more attractive option among customers and the most in-demand option because not only do they provide the home with refined elegance, but they are also low maintenance.

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Price depends on the type of glazing system you choose. Although glass railings can be expensive, in the long run it can often be cheaper than other types of railings.

Laminated glass is best prescribed if you prefer glass panels that are frameless.

Tempered glass, or toughened as it is typically called, tends to be the most popular choices for balcony balustrades whether framed or frameless. 

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