What are the benefits of laminated glass?

Laminated glass has numerous advantages due to its strength and thickness;

Greater Security: Laminated glass's strength makes it nearly impossible to shatter, making it difficult for any unauthorized individual to gain access. Even if a fracture does occur, the interlayer maintains the structural integrity of the structure, making it harder to widen any gaps.
Reduces Emissions: Low-emission glass helps reduce heat gain from the sun, which lowers air conditioning use and cuts back on emissions.
Reduced Noise Pollution: Installing thick pieces of laminated glass causes sound waves to be disrupted as they pass through, helping reduce noise pollution.
Increased Safety: Due to the fact that glass will not shatter when broken, the risk of someone getting cut or injured by glass shards is greatly reduced.
Natural Disaster Resistance: When natural disasters or unpredictable weather strike, laminated glass will remain intact in its frame, decreasing the risk of accidents and making life-threatening situations safer.
More design possibilities: Laminated glass comes in an array of colors, shades or tints and can be manufactured straight or curved for enhanced exterior versatility.

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