Product Drawing

Parameters of  Louvres

Louvre Model AL150RS-9 STL129 AL75RS-5 AL75RS AL75RS-3
Blade Configuration Double Double Single Single Single
System Depth 150 mm 129 mm 126 mm 79 mm 126 mm
Pitch 75 mm 70 mm 60 mm 62 mm 75 mm
Visual Blade Orientation Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
Visual Impact Of
Mullions / Jambs
Hidden Visible Hidden Visible Hidden
Rainwater Penetration
(Airflow Velocity In M/S)
0.0 A A C C C
0.5 A A C C C
1.0 B A C C D
1.5 B B C D D
2.0 C C D D D
2.5 C D D D D
3.0 D D D D D
3.5 D D D D D
Airflow Coefficient 0.253 0.209 0.371 0.355 0.386
Airflow Class 3 3 2 2 2
Airflow Rating Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
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