About Terracotta Cladding

About Terracotta Cladding

Terracotta Cladding has been one of the most beautiful and long-lasting building materials for centuries. It has recently been embraced as a natural and timeless medium for modern rainscreen and sunscreen design. A variety of panel lengths and heights can be utilized to create a modern, natural aesthetic.


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We have contributed to 5000+ overseas projects and served 4000+ international clients, including international top contractors, consultants, architects, and developers. Also, comprehensive services are available in Togen, where clients have access to material supply, design proposal, technical support, structural calculation, quantity survey, perspective view rendering, free sample, quality control, and after-sales service. Besides, we have also received tests and achieved certificates based on ASTM and AS.

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Terracotta Cladding History

The Terracotta Warriors were inspired by a European architect who advocated the Chinese Terracotta Warriors pottery culture. The application of terracotta curtain wall began in Germany in 1985. After the middle of the 20th century, with the emergence of the concept of building exterior retaining structures, light steel keel systems have been applied and developed rapidly in buildings.

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Terracotta is produced using natural clay and fired at high temperatures for 8 hours. It is a strong and environmental-friendly material. The terracotta panels can be used as Rainscreen system, and terracotta baguettes/louvers can be applied as Sunscreen system. Both of them will be good choices for exterior decoration with a wonderful natural view.

Terracotta cladding featuring green natural materials, it's a stylish, bright, soft, modern coating for rain and sun protection. It is durable and colorfast. Also available in a variety of shapes, colors, textures. It has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and is a safety material with a fire rating of A1.

Our advantage lies in our strong research and development capabilities, which can be customized to develop irregular shapes. For different products, we can combine different processing methods such as extrusion, pressing, and casting. With detailed design plans for installation, 3D images, perspective renderings, and structural budgets can also be provided.

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Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a comprehensive center for exhibition, training, salon, education, and public affairs in Guangzhou, China. It was designed in 2007 by Mr. He Jingtang, a well-known Chinese architect, whose works include the Chinese Pavilion for Expo 2010 held in Shanghai and later reopened as the China Art Museum.

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