Custom Terracotta

Custom Terracotta

Togen Custom Terracotta Panel
Togen Terracotta products can be customized in shape, color, and surface texture. Custom terracotta panels are usually special-shaped, which is used in exterior feature wall, decorations like lining, motif, and sunscreen, and interior decorations like feature area. Togen offers a vast array of custom terracotta products and cladding system solutions, which provide architects with significant design freedom.

Nowadays, architects are pursuing unrestrained designs to make facade more attractive, therefore, terracotta, as one of the natural elements, would show more distinctive design. Undoubtedly, it’s a great challenge for most of the terracotta manufacturers due to the limitations in technology and production capacity. However, with strong R&D ability and advanced technology, Togen is able to offer custom terracotta product and cladding system solutions. Our specialized customized service enables us to provide expert advice catered to customers on their special demands and requirements, also considering the installation methods at the same time with cost effective solutions.


Dimension of Terracotta Rainscreen Facade Custom Panel

Below are some of the Togen Custom Terracotta Panels in practical use for buildings. Customers have more choices than they could have imagined.
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Product Advantage
The Advantages of Custom Terracotta Panel
1. Unique decoration element - Togen Terracotta has versatile expression of building aesthetics thanks to its wide range of shape, finishing and color selection. Togen is dedicated to creating the impressive and sustainable buildings by providing customized unique design and special surface treatment.
2. Durable material - The color of Togen Terracotta Panel is non-faded with time going .The physical property of resistance to chemicals, anti-freeze & thaw, resistance to thermal shock, resistance to abrasion and scratch, and resistance to stain also contribute the durability of terracotta. And the maintenance cost is low because of its self-cleaning performance and open system without sealant.
3. Safe material - Togen Terracotta Panel is non-combustible cladding material with high breaking strength, rupture modular and low linear thermal expansion. It is non-radioactive material. Terracotta cladding system is suitable for high-rise building with good resistance to high earthquake degree and high wind load. Compared with stones, terracotta, often selected as the substitute of natural stone, is much lighter which significantly reduces the building load. With Togen’s reinforcement treatment, the terracotta has higher impact resistance performance.
4. Green material - Terracotta is environment friendly. Made of natural clay, Togen Terracotta Panel is non-radioactive, non-polluted, 100% recyclable and energy-saving. Due to its cavity structure, terracotta has low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance and acoustic performance.

5. Easy Installation - Togen Terracotta panel is relatively light material with precise size which ease the installation. And its cladding system is mostly open system without sealant work.
6.Maintanence free - Terracotta, unlike metal cladding material, is electrostatic-free, so it is not easy to accumulate dust by nature. The terracotta product also has the self-cleaning property, and with its un-faded color, terracotta facade is maintenance-free.
7. Easy-replacement - We supply terracotta products with self-design replaceable installation system which eases installation and replacement when needed. Our installation systems have been proven convenient and effective in many of our projects.

Togen terracotta panels come with a great variety of different surface textures, such as natural, rough, sand-blasted, combed, grooved, stripy, matte and so on. Togen terracotta panels perfectly express architects’ design concepts and vividly show different facade styles and effects for different architectural styles. Glazing finish such as fluid, metallic, ice crack, orange peel, spotted, etc. are also available in Togen.

Extensive Range of Togen Custom Colors
Togen offers terracotta products with a wide range of custom and standard natural fired colors and colorful glazing. By adding specific components to the clay, Togen has managed to offer terracotta panels with different shade of colors. It has the characters of low consumption, no radiation, no pollution and non-faded. With good anti-UV capability, the color remains bright and vivid all the time. Special colors are available for customization in Togen. Apart from those colors commonly seen, dark colors, blue series, and green series are also ready for customers to select.


We provide terracotta product with installation accessories. We can provide service of terracotta facade detailed design.
Installation accessories can be provided together with terracotta products, but exact accessories will be designed and proposed as per project's requirement by us.

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Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, the Ningbo Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a presentation space, which fosters the dialogue between citizens and decision-makers. The City of Ningbo has a rich history of ceramic production. It was here that the so-called Ceramic Road began. The use of terracotta panel is an homage to the local traditions of Ningbo. Togen Custom Glazed Terracotta Panels, designed in special shape and with green glazed surface, were applied to form the exterior sunscreen. In cooperation with the architect, Togen offered suggestions on the customization as well as different ways of installation, so as to create ephemeral reflections of the surrounding landscape.

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