Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum Cladding

Togen aluminum cladding products include aluminum solid panel, composite panel (aluminum, stainless steel, stone, and other materials available for face panel), roller-coating panel, laser cut panel, perforated panel, expanded mesh, etc. We provide detailed design, sample matching, installation system proposal, and fabricated products with coating to meet all customer needs.

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We have contributed to 5000+ overseas projects and served 4000+ international clients, including international top contractors, consultants, architects, and developers. Also, comprehensive services are available in Togen, where clients have access to material supply, design proposal, technical support, structural calculation, quantity survey, perspective view rendering, free sample, quality control, and after-sales service. Besides, we have also received tests and achieved certificates based on ASTM and AS.

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Is aluminum good for roofing?

Steel and Aluminum Performance. Steel and aluminum both perform well as a metal roofing material. Aluminum is also lighter than steel if weight is a critical factor in determining the roofing material for your project. Both materials are very lightweight in comparison to other materials including asphalt shingles.

Application of aluminum clad plate

Auto parts, thermal equipment, building materials, etc. The full name of aluminized steel sheet is "hot-dip aluminized steel sheet", which is similar to hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in terms of manufacturing process. But its heat resistance is better than that of galvanized steel.

What is aluminum composite cladding?

Aluminium composite cladding panels feature a composite core (often made of polyethylene, a highly combustible and flammable construction material) between two thin layers of aluminium

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In extreme conditions, fires can produce flames of 50 meters or more, with flame temperatures exceeding 1200°C. But aluminum is not flammable, so it is classified as a non-flammable building material. Furthermore, our aluminum solid panel has passe test and classified as Class A1 for fire resistant performance.

-Stronger and stable structure. -Lighter weight. -Better flatness, excellent coating performance. -Excellent weather resistance greatly prolongs the service life.

Aluminum roller coating panels are very durable and can last up to 20 years.

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