Terracotta Cladding

Terracotta Cladding

Our terracotta product is widely used in curtain wall as cladding, rain screens and decoration fins. They are very suitable for new building, refurbishment, and re-cladding projects. Customized finishes and shapes are also popular for luxury interior feature walls.


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Terracotta Cladding Price

The main factors affecting the price of ceramic panel curtain wall are: plate thickness, keel material, engineering difficulty, regionality, etc.
1. Plate thickness - The ceramic plate for the curtain wall is usually 18mm thick. If a large-format plate is used due to the needs of the facade, it is possible to use a 30mm or even 40mm thick ceramic plate, thus increasing the cost.
2. Keel material - keel is divided into steel keel and aluminum alloy keel. Steel keel is economical, but has poor corrosion resistance; aluminum alloy keel is the opposite. When the curtain wall system is an open system or the keel needs to be exposed as a sunshade component, an aluminum alloy keel needs to be used, and the cost increases accordingly.
3. The degree of difficulty of the project - when the project requires a large number of special-shaped plates and special-shaped structures, the construction difficulty will increase, and the price of the plate, the cost of measures and the cost of labor will be increased accordingly.
4. Regionality and branding - the economic level of different regions affects the level of labor costs to varying degrees,

Terracotta Cladding Price

clay plate craft

The production of ceramic plates is theoretically called wet extrusion molding process. The dynamic clay slurry is extruded through a die to form a ceramic plate. The shape of the template determines the shape of the ceramic plate. .

clay plate craft

Terracotta Rain Curtain Cladding System

The terracotta rainscreen cladding system is decorated on its basis as a rainscreen and also to minimize the pressure difference inside and outside the structural wall cavity.
This is a system in which wall-like curtains are made of various building materials such as terracotta panels, ventilation providing cavities, rain protection systems and support systems that help with tracking. The entire rainscreen system is ventilated through the back, also allowing the cladding and insulation to be properly exposed to the air. This happens because it utilizes lapped open joints.
Terracotta rainscreen cladding systems help protect residential buildings or structures from rain and snow, as well as protect the walls of buildings or structures.

Terracotta Rain Curtain Cladding System

Features of Terracotta Facades

1 The process is simple, the replacement is easy, and the quality is easy to control;

2 Low energy consumption, low construction cost, and high cost performance;

3 The structure is stable, there are few hidden dangers, and there is no common quality problem.

4 The construction speed is fast, the precision is high, and the on-site installation is simple. In addition, the plate itself can be cut at will, and the corners and other parts have special-shaped plate closings. The workload is light, and there is no heavy manual labor such as heavy lifting, saving manpower and material resources.

Features of Terracotta Facades
Frequently Asked Question

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Terracotta is produced using natural clay and fired at high temperatures for 8 hours. It is a strong and environmental-friendly material. The terracotta panels can be used as Rainscreen system, and terracotta baguettes/louvers can be applied as Sunscreen system. Both of them will be good choices for exterior decoration with a wonderful natural view.

[1] Green natural material. [2] Fashion, bright, gentle, modern material for Rainscreen/Sunscreen cladding. [3] Durable, non-faded color. [4] Various shape&color&texture options, limitless range of selection. [5] Good performance for sound&thermal insulation performance. [6] Safety material with Class A1 for fire resistance. [7] Maintenance free.

[1] Strong R&D ability to customize and develop in irregular shape. [2] Combining different processing way such as extrusion, pressing, casting and etc for different products. [3] Safety-Plus solution to avoid breakage for terracotta. [4] Installation detail design proposal. [5] QS and Cost Estimation. [6] 3D image can be provided. [7] Perspective View Rendering. [8] Structural Calculation. [9] Shop drawings and Fabrication drawings with Cutting lists.

[1] Physical property such as Breaking Strength, Flexural Strength, Water Absorption, Frost Resistance and etc. [2] Chemical property such as Resistance to Staining. [3] Test report for Fire Resistance not only the terra-cotta cladding material but also the terra-cotta system. [4] Safety-Plus solution. [5] Test report for anchoring. [6] Test report for ASTM, BS, EN, AS standard and etc.

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