Aluminum Soild Panel

Aluminum Soild Panel

Introduction to aluminum solid panel

Aluminum Solid Panel is made of high-grade aluminum alloy (AA1100, AA3003, and AA5005), processed by various techniques, and sprayed with decorative paint on the surface, which is a new material widely used in building façade.


Aluminum Solid panel in comparison with aluminum composite panel

Performance Aluminum Solid Panel Aluminum Composite Panel
Color Wide colors & pattern selection;
Good color consistency
Limited patterns & colors High possibility of
color inconsistency
Appearance Good flatness

Elegant appearance for decoration
Surface easy to be deformed
Durability 20 years warranty 5-10 years warranty; Easy to fade or deform or fall off
Weight Light Light
Shape Variety of shapes, especially for window frame, roof panels etc. with lower cost Normally can only make simple
shapes e.g., L-shape, U-shape etc.
Flexural Strength ≥125MPa, High strength ≥50MPa, Low strength
Back-Ventilated System High efficiency (panel fabrication finished in the factory and can be installed in the job site directly.) Low efficiency and high labor cost (shipped as standard plates, easy to be damaged and cracked when slotting and drilling in the job site.)
Wastage Cut to size no wastage Standard sizes. There must be wastage
Fire Resistance Good fireproof performance Non-flammable Poor fireproof performance, the core material and glue can release toxic gas when burning
Earthquake Resistance Good Good
Acid & Alkali Resistance Good Poor

Surface treatment

Our aluminum sheet surface treatment includes powder coating, PVDF powder coating, PVDF rolling coating, and wooden transfer. We ensure you the quality of our aluminum panel as we never used aluminum scrap or recycled aluminum.
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coatings are a factory-applied, resin-based coating system, typically with embedded color pigment particles that support a wide range of matte-finish colors. They are most used for architectural coating applications due to their superior resistance to weathering by sunlight, moisture, or temperature.
Aluminum wall cladding, curtain wall, and roofing sheet are some of the most common applications for PVDF coatings.
Polyester powder coating is a dry material sprayed onto a work piece and then cured to form a protective covering. This method of covering and protecting objects has several advantages over conventional wet coverings. Polyester powder coating creates a stronger and more durable finish and is more economical and safer for the environment than many forms of liquid coatings. As a result, powder coating systems have become very common in commercial and industrial processes.

Pattern & Color

We supply wood finish, stone finish, Chameleon color, solid color, metallic color, and customized colors and patterns. Also if you have any other customized color please let us know your pantone/RAL color code, or send us your actual sample for us to simulate. Brief introduction to different colors and finishes:

Woodgrain Finish: Woodgrain Finish reminds people of ecology and environmental protection, reflecting simple but profound connotations.

Stone Finish: Stone finish can be defined as a new fashion universally used in office buildings and museums as it is serious and solemn. As a combination of tradition and modern, stone finish shows the development of ages

Chameleon color: Different colors keep transitioning in the sun, refreshing people's visual experience.

Metallic color: Metallic texture gives off a feeling of high-tech, which is stunning and mysterious, making people want to reach down the surface and touch

Solid Color:Solid color is a good choice as they are simple but straightforward and never seem to be out of date. Every single color can be an expression of the emotion architect is trying to convey 

Custom finish: We provide Custom Finish tailored to your preferences. You name it, and we will do our best to guarantee your satisfaction.



a. Normal Installation 

b. Unsealed Installation

c. Sealed Installation

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